Get Started: Training Series

Get Started: Training Series

Welcome to TrueLearn!

TrueLearn is excited to partner with you and assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes. Preparing for your upcoming exam can be a challenge, but you’ll have plenty of practice with your TrueLearn subscription. 

Below are all the resources you will need to get started with your account. We recommend reviewing the full training series to ensure you will get the most of the TrueLearn platform!

Accessing Your Account​

The first thing you will need to do is set your password and log into your subscription. If this is your first TrueLearn subscription, you can set your initial password by visiting and clicking the “Forgot your Password” button. Then enter the email address used when you purchased your subscription or your institution set you up with.

Merging Subscriptions​

If your program or institution has purchased a subscription for you that you have already purchased for yourself, then you can combine your subscriptions and potentially receive a credit (exclusions apply). It is important to note that the merge request MUST be made promptly and BEFORE logging into your institutional account for the first time. If you would like to merge your subscriptions, click here.

Account Settings

This video walks you through the settings available in your account.

Account Homepage and Analytics Highlights​

This video walks you through the various features of your homepage and how to understand your analytics.

For additional insight into understanding your analytics, review this guide here.

Start Taking Questions by Creating Tests​

To start taking questions, you will need to create tests. These videos walk you through the ways in which you can create tests that are specific to your needs.

Testing Views

There are multiple “testing views” available in the TrueLearn platform, though not all views are available for every subscription. We recommend you review the video(s) below that best aligns with your testing needs.

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