Assessments Overview

Assessments Overview

Assessments are designed to simulate the actual exam and provide valuable information about strengths, weaknesses, and overall exam preparedness. TrueLearn offers institutional and retail assessments for select subscription types. Institutional assessments are assigned by institutional or program administrators. Retail assessments, which are made up of a different question set than institutional assessments, can be purchased by learners through their account settings and started at any time. Please note, assessments are not available for all subscriptions. 

Before taking an assessment, we recommend taking a few practice questions in your TrueLearn account to familiarize yourself with the test-taking interface and ensure that your computer and browser work with TrueLearn’s software. 

Accessing and Completing an Assessment:

Login to your TrueLearn account. Login to your TrueLearn account by navigating to  As a reminder, your username is your email address and, if needed, you can reset your password from the login page.

Select the correct subscription. Use the ‘Exams’ drop-down, located in the upper left corner of your home screen, to select the subscription associated with the assessment you are looking to complete. Please note, if you have multiple subscriptions, be sure to select the correct subscription to access your assignment. 

Scroll to the ‘Assessments’ tab to locate your Assessment. In your TrueLearn account, scroll down to the ‘Assessments’ tab located directly below ‘Smartcards’ on your home page. Within this tab, you’ll see the assigned assessment, which will show the start and end date for the assessment.

Start your assessment. To begin your assessment, select “Start” from the drop down options under the “Action” column, and then click “Start”.  If you do not see the “Start” button, you may need to scroll right using the slide bar at the bottom of the “Assessments” tab or use the zoom out function in your menu options to adjust the size of your screen.   

Please note: 

  • Assigned institutional assessments cannot be accessed outside of the established assignment window.
  • Questions may have multimedia items such as audio or video clips requiring headphones or speakers.
  • Assessments are Timed.
  • Assessments do not allow for pausing.  

Submit your assessment.  Once you have completed and reviewed your assessment, you will need to submit your assessment. You will be unable to make any changes to your answer selections once submitted. As a final step, confirm you want to end the assessment in the pop-up box by selecting the ‘End Test’ button. Please note, failure to properly submit your assessment after the availability window will result in an incomplete assignment. 

Retrieve your report and review questions.   If your assessment was assigned by your program or institution, your assessment results may be made available to you immediately upon completion or may be held pending review from your Program Administrator. This option is set by your administrator. For retail assessments, your results will be available upon completion of the assessment. Within your assessment results, you can review a comprehensive assessment report, all of the questions, and answer explanations. The assessment questions will automatically be factored into your TrueLearn statistics and all metrics shown on your homepage through scorecards and performance graphs. Additionally, assessment questions will be released into your bank of questions for test creation.

Reviewing your assessment report. When viewing your Assessment Report, you will see your assessment-specific performance details. This report will break down your strengths and weaknesses and compare your performance to that of all others taking the same assessment. Please note that for institutional assessments, until your report is released by your program administrator, these exam questions cannot be reviewed and none of your statistics will be influenced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I have technical trouble starting the Assessment Exam?

  • If you have technical issues beginning the assessment, many issues can be corrected by trying a different web browser (current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari all work for this assessment) or adjusting the magnification setting within your browser.
  • We recommend closing other programs and browser tabs/windows during the exam.  If you have trouble beginning the exam, we recommend closing the browser entirely and logging back into your account and trying again.

What happens if my computer crashes or my internet disconnects during the Assessment?

  • If you get disconnected or your computer crashes during the assessment, you can resume the assessment by logging back into your account, returning to the assessments tab, and clicking the resume button.  Your answers will automatically save periodically, so you will not lose all of your progress, although your last few answers may not have saved.

Can I take an assessment using the mobile app? 

  • Assessments must be taken using a web interface and cannot be accessed using the mobile app.

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